Lists of Highest Grossing Filipino Films of 2013 (August 11 Updates)

“It Takes a Man and a Woman” of Star Cinema still dominates the current lists of Top Grossing Filipino Films based upon the data from Box Office Mojo.

There are several changes with regards to the Top 10 Lists of Highest Grossing Filipino Films of 2013. Just check the updated results below.

It Takes A Man And A Woman


(As of August 11, 2013)
1. It Takes A Man and a Woman (Star Cinema) – P375-M
2. Four Sisters and a Wedding (Star Cinema) – P145-M
3. Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo (Star Cinema) – P100-M (***)
4. Bromance: My Brother’s Romance (Star Cinema) – P72.67-M
5. A Moment in Time (Star Cinema) – P64.54-M
6. Must Be…Love (Star Cinema) – P60.74-M
8. Tuhog (Skylight Films) – P24.68-M
9. My Lady Boss (GMA Films/Regal Films) – P19.4-M
10. The Bride and the Lover (Regal Films) – P10.39-M

(***) Still Showing nationwide.

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