Review: Four Sisters and a Wedding

Four Sisters and a Wedding is really two movies in one, combining drama and comedy. Starring the 4 sisters Bea Alonzo, Toni Gonzaga, Angel Locsin, Shaina Magdayao and Enchong Dee as their baby brother.

Toni Gonzaga is charming in the role as she plays it with her signature Toni Gonzaga performance, she’s funny witty and jolly..

Bea is the reliable dramatic actress expertly succeeds in giving a hint of depth to the one-dimensional character she was provided with.

The independent film assistant director is played convincingly by a young veteran actress Angel Locsin.

Shaina Magdayao, her one-note performance is understandable given the limited hint made available to her character.

Enchong also commendable on his acting performance. The rest of the actors were also necessary.

Though these four are the main cast, their performances are easily overpowered by the supporting roles played by the film’s veteran performers.

Carmi Martin easily steals the scene if not the whole film from the main stars. She was a hilarious scene stealer and gets the best character entrance in the movie.

Connie Reyes also shines in the movie thanks to her subdued performance.

Though the movie’s intention is to tell a heart warming tale about families and how one should learn to appreciate each member of it, there are moments when this theme was presented too sweet to be believable.

Fortunately, the plot was laid out effectively at the start of the movie making it easy for audience’s attention to be engaged effortlessly.

There are also times where the casts and how they were portrayed became almost cartoonish, even though unintentionally.

The director Cathy Garcia Molina seems a veteran in combining both genres without audiences getting confused by this mix. However, for the sake of consistency, it wouldn’t hurt the story if the movie made up its mind and decided to be more dramatic than funny, or vice versa.

As a whole it is entertaining, easily likable and also have good values it wants to impart its movie goers. That said, it’s an enjoyable film that is saved by the character’s chemistry and one that caters to most members of the family. Four It is also is a guaranteed recommendation to your friends and your family who would like to experience happiness.

Reviewed By: Vince Fernandez

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