Ang Panday

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Ang Panday will follow the life of Flavio (Bong Revilla), a blacksmith who only wants peace. He will meet a beautiful stranger named Maria who will easily capture his heart. When a meteor falls down, Maria (Iza Calzado) told Flavio that he is chosen to be a hero. Flavio doesn’t want to have anything to do with being a hero.

From the remains of the meteor, Flavio crafted a dagger as a gift to Maria. But Lizardo’s men came and took Maria. Flavio will head on adventures after adventures to save Maria from Lizardo.

Director: Mac Alejandre | Year: 2009

Cast: Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr., Phillip Salvador, Iza Calzado, Rhian Ramos, Geoff Eigenmann, Robert Villar, Joonee Gamboa, Luz Valdez, Benjie Paras, Gladys Guevarra, Carlene Aguilar, Marissa Sanchez, John Lapus, King Gutierrez, Stef Prescott

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