Padre de Pamilya

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A father Joselito Mirasol (Ariel Rivera) whose only wish is for his children to grow up as good Catholic Christians. Unfortunately, his salary as a government officer is not enough to make ends meet. And because he is working under a corrupt mayor (Tessie Tomas), the temptation to become a corrupt government official are always there.

One day, due to the financial needs of his family and his brother who suffers from health problem, the father give-in to temptation and commits a corrupt act. What Joselito does not know is he has been setup by a reporter who is investigating corrupt practices inside his office department. He is later fired and jobless, not knowing the reporter is actually investigating the corrupt practices of the mayor.

Director: Cesar Evangelista Buendia | Year: 2009

Cast: Ariel Rivera, Cedric Jose, Isabella de, Jacklyn Jose, Meila Romero, Tessie Tomas

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