Tunay Na Tunay, Gets Mo Gets Ko

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For years, mob boss Don Julio (Efren Reyes Jr.) has been the target of police investigation, led by honest cop Col. Alano (Gammy Viray). Quite a number of police deep penetration agents (DPAs) have been placed into Don Julios organization. But somehow, Don Julio manages to find and kill them. Except for one.

With the suspicion that an insider from their ranks have been tipping Don Julio of the DPAs identities, Col. Alano sends in agent Nick Abeleda (a.k.a. Abner) (Robin Padilla) without the knowledge of his superiors. Nick manages to hide his real identity, until the day of Don Julio and his men are captured except Kaliwete (Dindo Arroyo), his right-hand man.

With Don Julios syndicate destroyed, Nick is now ready to go back to the regular police force. But everything goes wrong for Nick when that very night, Col. Alano dies from the hands of Kaliwete. Worse, Nick learns that Gen. Manzano (Cris Vertido) is Don Julios protector- the traitor responsible for the death of his fellow agents. With both Kaliwete and General Manzano now hunting for him, Nick has no other choice but to hide. And where else should Nick hide away from his enemies wrath but in one place Don Julios influence cannot reach-Chinatown, the domain of the Chinese mafia led by Mr. Wong (Vic Diaz).

Posing as cook, Nick seeks temporary refuge in the restaurant of Mr. Jao (George Lim) while doing arrangements for his fake travel papers to US. There he meets Dick (Bearwin Meily), the cook who has been demoted to dishwashing upon his arrival, and Tintin (Jolina Magdangal), a rather childish Chinese girl who instantly develops an asot- pusa relationship with Nick.

Meanwhile, Nick decides to sideline as a detective, offering his service to find Meiling, missing daughter of businessman Mr. Li (Roldan Aquino), in order to raise enough money for his travel papers.

Unknown to Nick, Tintin is the very girl he is looking for-Meiling. Contrary to what her father told Nick, she ran away from her father in order to escape an arranged marriage with Empoy (JR Hererra), son of mob boss Mr. Wong. She thus assumed another identity and seeks employment in Mr. Jaos restaurant.

Nicks stay in the restaurant enable him to develop a deep friendship with his three companions – especially with Tintin whose ire for him is seemingly turning into affection. Nick, meanwhile, is also beginning to fall for her, but the thought that he will have to leave someday prevents him from pursuing his feelings.

With his travel papers now ready, Nick quickly decides to leave the restaurant, but not before calling Mr. Li to tell him where to find Meiling/Tintin. The following morning, Meiling finds out that Nick is gone, and not long after comes her father, Mr. Li, looking for her.

A few days before this flight, Nick has a change of heart, as he realizes that he loves Meiling. He goes back to the restaurant and learns that Meiling has left with his father, and is about to be married to Empoy.

Not the one to give up so easily, Nick employs the help of Mr. Jao and Dick to save Meiling in her wedding day-and finally destroy the evil triumvirate of Mr. Wong, Don Julio and General Manzano

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